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How to Earn Online and How to Increase With Adsense

How to Earn Online

Adsense is a well known name among all bloggers and online earners. Adsence is the main source for earning online with reliability and security. Adsence is one of the part of Google and important part of Google.

You have seen many persons who are earning more than you and some time getting 5 or 6 figure cheques. But the main thing is why we are not making that much? this is the main question and today we will try to find out the solution for this. In this article you will get the steps for how to start with adsence and what to prepare.

Get ready for the ride with your cup of coffee.

Step 1. Preparation

I know you know this step but really you know this step because this is the main step and first step to get start. We have seen website like, etc who is making wealthy money from their single websites. But i will tell you they are having a good luck and work hard for their work. But we are also working so let me tell you we try to make 10 to 15 Websites in 3 Months 1 website in a week.

Step 2. Understand the Market and its concepts

Making money through Adsence is not easy so making 10 to 15 websites are not even easy too. We have to search for the better paying market and start research for that. When you finishes with that try to find which keyword is paying the highest and sending more traffic to your websites.

Step 3. Domain

Once you done with your research you should move with to registration of Domain name. Which is your website name. You are not a big brand so you have to choose the domain name similar to your content. If you have space in your keyword than put hyphen (-) in your domain.

Step 4. Website

Creation of the website will play the main role so make it user friendly and simple and sober so that when a customer visits your page he will get what he want from you.

Step 5. Track

Tracking your website will let you know that how much traffic you are getting and from where you are getting the highest traffic. Which keyword is working for you and how many pageviews are there in a whole day or month or year. There are many tools in the market but you can go for Google Analytics which is free and useful.

Step 6. Adsence Ad

Putting the Ad will not give you what you want and how much you want. There are things which you should always remember while putting ad over your website or blog.

If you are putting the rectangle Ad than put the large Rectangle Ad 336 X 280.

Try to make the Ad colors just like your website. So that it will look like a part of your website.

Position of Ad should be far left or center and make sure your ad is in starting 25% of the website.

Step 7. Listing in Search Engines

List your website in most of the search engines and ping your websites. Make a clear sitemap so that search engines will understand the flow your website.

Step 8. SEO

This is a broad concept it self. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) It will help you to expand yourself in this internet world. But if you know it than good you can do it. And if you dont than start with it when you have have some penny’s in your pocket.

Step 9. Social Websites

You know your twitter, facebook , google plus accounts will also help you in expanding your website. Get the help your friends and relatives to share your content socially among their friends it will increase your website visibility. More visibility means more traffic more traffic means more chances to earn.

Step 10. Read all the steps carefully and use them

There are also some basic concepts for you to start over with adsense. I have given you all the information now you can start working over it and let me tell if it really helps you or not.

Increase in Traffic is Increase in Money

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