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Irctc Tatkal Timings Online Booking 2015

Irctc Tatkal Time is now changed but this time time changing is bit different and changes are in part. Irctc is now implementing the new scheme which will divide the load in time segment. Now the person who wants to……


All Alt Codes List | Alt Plus Number Codes | Alt + Numpad

Many times we need our text to get more designer and flashy. We put small small images but it will increase the size of the page so we will put the Alt Codes to create some random images. You can……


Stop Spam From Adult Site Referrals in Google Analytics

Stop Spam From Adult Site Referrals in Google Analytics What spam referrals in my site its not possible…. really I have seen many spam keywords and URL’s in the Google Analytics these days. You don’t have to worry they wont……


Show Only One Decimal Place for a Number in PHP

Hello friends today I m going to write this tutorial about how to show only one decimal place for a number in PHP. In this tutorial we will use some random number and than we will try to show the……


Create Subdomain Dynamically Using PHP

Hello, today i am going to write this tutorial on how to create subdomain dynamically using PHP. Many times we work on our project and we need this so here i am giving this tutorial to help you in that……


Whatsapp Introduce Whatsapp Calling Feature and UI Improvement

Whatsapp finally launched Whatsapp Calling feature in his app. Update your Whatsapp and enjoy the calling feature. Now you can enjoy calling with whatsapp all over the world. Calling is internet based so you need a better internet packs and……


Dynamic News Ticker PHP and Mysql | News Scroller in PHP

Hello !!! its so long to see you again here. Today i am going to write an article about the Dynamic News Ticker using MYSQL and PHP. For ticker we will use the Jquery ‘Vticker plugin “. You can download……


How to enable USB Port Using Regedit in Windows

We face this situation many times in companies and departments. Dont know why they block the USB Port in the windows when its easy to open. Here are some steps  which you can use and open it. How to enable……


Asus ZenFone Zoom 3x Optical Zoom @ $399

At CES 2015 Asus has launched its 2 smartphone Asus ZenFone 2 and Asus ZenFone Zoom till 07 Jan. Now Asus came with smartphone with Optical Zoom option which will provide you the best picture quality on zoom too. Its a best……


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