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Add Watermark Image in PHP | Create Watermark in PHP

Add watermark image in PHP its our new tutorial. You can add your watermark image to your image. Now you dont need to open Photoshop and do this. Here is the very simple and short code for adding your image…….


Create Google Image Sitemap Using Mysql and PHP DOM

Hello friends once again i am here with a new article for creating google image sitemap using PHP. I was working for my website and i need a image sitemap so that i will create a XML sitemap and……


Android Push Notification Using PHP and Google Cloud Messaging

Sending push notification to android device is very important part of an App. Most of the time we use it for sending some information as well us for promotion. I am going to tell you how you can use PHP……


Create JSON API Using PHP and MYSQL

Now these day’s mobiles are getting more dearer than other gadget’s. APP’s are the important factor for making mobile your favorite gadget. Same as apps now these day’s everyone what their website to be mobile friendly and some of them……


Calculate Distance From Latitude and Longitude PHP

Calculating distance from latitude and longitude is bit tricky and complex. Recently we were working on a project and we need to calculate the longitude and latitude from given longitude and latitude. We use to show the nearest restaurant’s using……


Create Subdomain Dynamically Using PHP

Hello, today i am going to write this tutorial on how to create subdomain dynamically using PHP. Many times we work on our project and we need this so here i am giving this tutorial to help you in that……


Dynamic News Ticker PHP and Mysql | News Scroller in PHP

Hello !!! its so long to see you again here. Today i am going to write an article about the Dynamic News Ticker using MYSQL and PHP. For ticker we will use the Jquery ‘Vticker plugin “. You can download……


Create JSON From PHP Array Using Mysql and Post Values in Form

Hello today we will create the JSON from php Array. As now these days we are using jquery and ajax too much and we need it very often. You can read the whole json encoding at php official website. As……


PHP Create Database and Tables Dynamically Using MySQLi

Sometimes we forgot to create database and run our query than we got an error that is ” No Database with this name”. So I thought to figure it out and solve this issue by creating the database at the……


How to Create Zip File in PHP Example

Downloading multiple files at a time is a mess and we face this situation many times. Creating Zip using php can help you to overcame from this situation. In this tutorial we will discuss how to create zip file in……


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