10 Tips to Decide When to Use Blog
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10 Tips to Decide When to Use Blog

10 Tips to Decide When to Use Blog

Many people are working in this internet industry and some of them also work in blogging world too. I have seen many organization who use Blog and many who dont. Many pros and cons are there while using blogging.

So today we will discuss 10 Tips to Decide When to Use Blog, why we need a blog and how it can effect our working.

Know Your Customer

If you are having any business and people dont know much about it than its the place where you can tell more about your products and show your expertise. Your blog will help your customer about your plans and understand you. You can send them regular updates and communicate with them according to their taste. So its the First tip among the 10 Tips to Decide When to Use Blog.

Global Reach

Blogging is not just writing about yourself it is an alternative to the online media. Many times people write about different different products and some time they work over Niches. Blog can help your product to reach globally and get appreciated. It will help you get customers globally. On of the main point under 10 Tips to Decide When to Use Blog.


Inventing new things is good but getting feedback is the most painful task. Blogging is place where you can demonstrate and tell people about your work and product. Best part is you will get those valuable feedback in the form of comments.

Testimonials or Short Success Stories

Many clients earn more and more due to your help and they are always ready to thank you. So they show their feelings in writing the testimonials which will help your new customer to take the decision. These testimonial works as Short Success Stories.


Blog is not the property of the Industries or big organizations anyone can use it students, housewife, unemployed person etc. Blogging is free and everybody want that they  provide those information to all over the world which is unkown. It can create you a journalist which is giving the news and information to general public about movies, trends, fashions, gadgets etc.

Publishers Friendly

Now these days many new writers are coming with their new thoughts and fresh contents. Many students and persons are writing according to their talent and knowledge. Publishers are interested for these kind of writers who is having extra ordinary talent and writing skills. Due to blog publishers got know about your taste and working which help you to get some good deals.

Be a Novelist

I know you love to write but whats the benefit if no body knows it. Kick start your writing skills and share with your friends and general public and get the feedback about it. If your writing is liked by others than someday it will help you to write your own novel. Blog helps you to get the instant feedback about your writing skill and material. This is one of the main point under 10 Tips to Decide When to Use Blog.

Bond with Customers

Blog helps you to know more about your customers need in the form of their feedback about the products or services which you are offering. By knowing the needs will help you create a better world for your customer and it will help you to create strong bond with customers.

Personal Book

Many developers uses the blog as their personal help book. Which helps them to store their important codes and statements. Some uses it as personal diaries in which they write about their personal stuff and save them over the server for future reference.

So we are done with our  10 Tips to Decide When to Use Blog  post. Ahhh you caught me i know these are the 9 points but which one is the 10th one. 10th point is getting the traffic like you are reading it and i am getting the traffic so Its the Main part of this post and main point among the 10 Tips to Decide When to Use Blog.

How you like my 10 Tips to Decide When to Use Blog post. Please comment and give me your valuable feedback to help me to improve myself for you.


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