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Renault Scala Specifications | Renault Scala in India

Renault Scala in India now. You can check the Renault Scala Specifications ( specs ) and its feature, Renault Scala is another luxury in the sedan market. Renault Scala is another car from Renault after Duster and Fluence new car is launched by the company. Renault Scala is a beauty with the Power. Scala is available […]

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Simple Jquery Accordion – Simple Jquery CSS Accordion

Simple Jquery Accordion. Jquery Accordion with CSS, In this example you will learn how to make Jquery CSS Accordion. …….. its an old script but here i am putting it by making it too much simple and easy to use. It will include the Jquery and CSS and some Html text. So lets start with […]

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Blog Earnings – How to earn from Blog | Types of Monetization in Blog

Blog earnings is a very interesting concept in this Internet world. Types of monetization in blog know about ppc, and other monetization terms for blog. How to earn from Blog/ How to get Money from Blog / How to do blog earnings – This is the biggest question in front of every blogger that how […]

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How to use Google Adsense in your blog – Earn from Your Blog

How to use Google Adsense. First of all What is Google Adsense ? Do we Need Google Adsense ?. Answer is Yes we need the Google Adsense to get some extra money from our website or our blog. Google Adsense is the program which is run by Google. This is Contextual based Advertising System. In […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 800 Review, Specification, Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 800 – A new Tablet PC launched by Samsung. We already had Samsung Galaxy Note in the Market but now a new version or you can say its upgraded / updated version is in market. Samsung launched its Note 2 on Friday in India. Samsung Launched it with some new and advanced features to […]

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Check My IP – How To Check IP in PHP | Check Your IP Address in PHP

Today we will discuss How to Check IP address in PHP. we use a single line code for getting the IP Address and than another single line to show it. It just a 10 second script. In this we will use $_SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”]. – We will put $_SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”] into a variable and than we will echo that variable. It […]

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How To Check Host IP Address in PHP

How to check the Host IP address of a website or how to get Host IP of a Website. In this article i am going to tell you the function which we use for taking out the Host IP address or Host IP details. There are two methods which we will discuss here. 1. gethostbyname() […]

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How to Send Mail/ Email in PHP – PHP Mail Sending Script

Sending an enquiry form to your mailbox is very common now these days and you can see how much important it is. From a point of view of a business its a best and fast communication of getting the details of the customer as well as their need. In this post we will discuss about How to […]

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Free Images – Free Stock Images for Website

Hello to all the web designers, Developers, Programmers today i am posting a post for Free Images………….. yes i am talking about Free Stock Images for Website. Here you will find the list of some of the free image providers you can use them in your project/application. Pikwizard Over 100,000 completely free images on the […]