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Whatsapp Introduce Whatsapp Calling Feature and UI Improvement

Whatsapp finally launched Whatsapp Calling feature in his app. Update your Whatsapp and enjoy the calling feature. Now you can enjoy calling with whatsapp all over the world. Calling is internet based so you need a better internet packs and faster speed. We have used the calling feature and found that its the best among […]

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Court Lifts Ban from OnePlus Allowed to Sale in India

Before a month Delhi court Banned the Chinese phone maker “OnePlus” to sell its cellphone in the India. Now Delhi court lifts the ban and requested the statements from Cyanogen and OnePlus. OnePlus is the biggest rival in the market for Micromax. Both of the companies are working on Cyanogen OS Smartphone‘s¬†earlier Micromax suit a […]

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OnePlus One Smartphone 64GB | 3GB | Quad Core | 13MP | FHD | 401 PPI

OnePlus One smartphone is the first smartphone which is based on Cyanogen OS. Cyanogen OS is based on Android 4.4 Kitkat OS with some extra features and customizations features. As Cyanogen says that their OS is much faster then the normal Android version and also with the better themes and less power consumption. OnePlus One […]

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SanDisk’s 512GB SD Card is The Biggest in the World

Sandisk 512 GB SD Card SanDisk’s new Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I is the latest and the biggest SD Card in the world. With 512 GB of capacity Sandisk launch its new SD card specially for those who loves to create 4k Movies. According to the company this card is built for the photographer’s and videographer’s […]

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Bluetooth | Bluetooth Smart | Bluetooth Versions

Bluetooth is a wireless connectivity options which transfers data at high speed. It is multi directional and has long range of connectivity. Bluetooth Smart is the intelligent, power-friendly version of Bluetooth wireless technology. While the power-efficiency of Bluetooth Smart makes it perfect for devices needing to run off a tiny battery for long periods, the […]