Free Weather Widget for website or blog

By | May 25, 2013
Free Weather Widget

Hello friends I have made a Weather Widget for you. You can use it and share it with others. Right now it shows most of the city’s and some time it is blank which means weather info is not available. This code is written purely in PHP and Weather API has been used in this. It took  4 to 5 sec  to load. You can use it through the help of <iframe>.

Contents in the Widget

  • City Temperature
  • City Name
  • State Code
  • Weather Condition Image
  • Today’s Highest and Lowest Temperature
  • Today’s Humidity
  • Today’s Wind Speed in KM
  • Tomorrow’s Forecast Weather Information

Here is the example of my widget. Here i am using the weather of Jaipur – Rajasthan – India.

Here you will see the weather information of Jaipur. You can use it in your projects application as it is free to use.

You can create your own city widget by using the <iframe> code. Example

Go to – Free Weather Widget

Just change the url parameter with your city like -:

It needs 2 parameter P and C. P is for city and C is for country code.

If we need Jaipur India than just change the index.php?p=Jaipur&c=IN – It will show more than 2 results. When you see the widget you will see cites name like Jiapur-RJ, Jaipur-MH. So you have to change the c parameter to IN( for India)-RJ(For Rajasthan). Like if we use MH It will show the Maharashtra’s Jaipur

Free Weather Widget

Use i frame to get it into your website.

If you see more than 1 widget than you can narrow your search with changing the parameter c=IN-RJ (c=Country Code – State)

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