How to Get Noticed by Publishers Which Increase Your Traffic and Money

By | June 25, 2013

Article Writing

So today topic is How to get notified by publishers which help us to increase in Traffic/Revenue from our Blog or Article writing. As the title suggest you that we are going to talk about the publishers. That how do we get noticed by the publishers here i am writing some tips which will surely help you.

Article Length

Many people write article but most of them write a paragraph instead of an Article. If you are writing an Article than you should write atleast 500 – 800 words. Its minimum is 300 and maximum is 800. If you have more to say than just break your article into 2 Parts it will create your article more clear and easy to understand for your readers. But it doesnt mean that if you dont have 500 words than dont write it. Write it and try to extend it if you can may be while writing you can extend it.

Paragraph Length

While writing the article make it clear and tidy. Dont use the whole article of 500 Words in single paragraph try to break the paragraph so if anybody needs a break than he/she will stop and do their work and again start from that new paragraph otherwise they have to search for the line it will loose their interest and you will loose your reader. So while writing a paragraph be sure that this is not more than 5 or 6 lines.

Line Length

Later we got know that we should use 5 to 6 lines in a paragraph but i am a Superman and i can write the whole Article in just 2 lines because my book pages are bigger like tissue paper size……. lol. Dont be smart enough and try to end your line under 70 characters. It will help you to create a symmetry and easy to understand it will look good too.

Third Party Links

While writing an Article its good to give examples it will show that you have done research and your article is based upon true events. But be alert that while posting these links be sure that your links are working and they are related to your work or example. Suppose you are writing an article about DOG and you put the example of Car than your readers will think that you dont have actual genes of writers.

Spelling, Grammar

Always remember that your article will be read by the persons not the Aliens. So always try to concentrate over your spelling and grammar portion.  If you write an Article which is full of error’s than no body like to read it and they will trow it into the dustbin. Why to be a part of dustbin just try to handle the situation and increase the ability of writing in you. Always remember use punctuation and use them at right point.

Check for S*AM

After writing the article try to check it for triggers which will let you know about the status of the article. It will tell you how publishers will react and it will go to their inbox or not.

Remember Publisher

While writing your article remember that took the those points which interests the readers and publishers. If it is far from the main point than your article will be rejected. So always remember the need of your article.

Article !!! Really is this an Article

One of the important thing is ‘Article’. You are writing something and you end up with it after reading the whole your friend tell you oh!! man what is this??? its not an article. Your work is useless now. So take care of your words and make your writing clear so that it will tell you what you want to say.

 Where is Traffic ???

You are not Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln or some kind of celebrity who write hello and after 5 min you will see a pile of comments. So You will not get the traffic like that you have to concentrate over marketing of it. You have facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Yahoo etc. Just use them and share your article at there. If someone likes your article they will share it and you will get the success and sometime may be you will get the chance to write and Article for any newspaper or Magazine.

Revenue ????

Article writing and sharing will get you many readers and traffic which will help you to generate a good Revenue from it and a Fan club. You can use Adsense to maximize your profit.

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