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How To Setup Nameserver in CentOS Web Panel

Adding or setup nameserver in CWP is very easy and it will take only minute to do. You have to just follow the below steps.

  • Login to your CWP with your root id and password.
  • Go to DNS Functions
  • Choose Edit Nameserver IP

Edit nameserver page will give you 2 input fields where you have to enter nameserver records for your server. In the first input you have to enter the NS1 record and in another you have to enter the other one. You to enter the IP also in the input field so that your nameserver will bind to that IP. ex

ns1.domain.com ——-

ns2.domain.com ——-

If you have only 1 IP than there is no any issue you can enter the same IP in both the nameserver.

This is how you can add the nameserver in for your server.

Most important part is you should have these child nameserver with your domain provider otherwise they will not work.

You can create the nameserver with any name it can be your name your mother name your country name your friend name anything you want.

If they wont work than check that you have the “A” name entry in your zone file with the same nameserver name. ex-

ns1.domain.com “A”

ns2.domain.com “A”

Also check that you have the “NS” entries in your zone file. This zone file is availabel with your CWP.

If you want to know about how you can install the CWP in your server than please click here. For more help you can also check the CWP fourm.

In the next post i will show you that how you can add free SSL Certificate from letsencrypt  and use it over your domain.

Hope you like our article over the setup Nameserver in CWP if you have anything to share with us please comment below we will surely reply.

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