How to Use Webcam in PHP Using HTML5 and Save Image to Database

By | June 7, 2017

Hello Friends recently i have added a Tutorial about How to use Webcam in PHP and Save Image to Database using Mysqli. Earlier tutorial using the Flash Plugin for showing the Webcam and clicking the Image.

Today i am uploading another tutorial for How to use Webcam in PHP using HTML5, Jquery and Save Image to Database using Mysqli. This tutorial is slightly different from the previous tutorial as this tutorial will use the HTML5 for showing the Webcam.

Design Part for showing the webcam window and button to capture

Script part for Showing Webcam, Button Click working and Saving the Image to Database

If you are facing issue of camera not working then Please update this in your jpeg_camera.js -> line no 321. Just replace the whole success function with the below code

You can Download the files or tutorial from Github – Click Here

Thank You for reading the tutorial If you like the tutorial than please please Share it. If you have any comment than let me know comment below.


46 thoughts on “How to Use Webcam in PHP Using HTML5 and Save Image to Database

  1. E

    Hello with e. I have a question, is it possible? To choose as choices between the front or back camera? 

    Where can you change that,,,,, in the code?.

    Thanks in advance gr e

    1. Vivek Moyal Post author

      Most of the options are dependent over the browser only.

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  3. Lee

    Hi ViVek
    Thank you for this, it is great!
    Only one problem – it works perfectly in Firefox, but I cannot get it to work in Chrome.
    My site is https, and i has made all chrome settings open and allow the url
    BUT the part of the screen where the live image should be is just blank!
    Any suggestions as to a fix??

  4. Vidya Kiran

    Its a gr8 work you have done Mr.Vivek. Thankyou.

    Can i use a photo/document scanner from PHP. if there is a tool like [webcam in php] Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance
    Vidya Kiran

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  6. Henk Monen

    Hi Vivek,

    I think you made a great great tutorial and script. For Chrome everything is working fine, but for Firefox it doesn’t work:
    Because the jpeg_camera_with_dependencies.min.js doesn’t work for Firefox (I am using FF 62.0.3 and FF Developer Edition 64.0b1 on OSX High Sierra), it says:
    navigator.mozGetUserMedia has been replaced by navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia (line 12 pos 7093)
    and gives a
    TypeError: Argument 1 is not valid for any of the 1-argument overloads of URL.createObjectURL (line 12 pos 6699)
    Can you please make it work, while the js min version is hard to edit.

    Kind regards,

    1. Vivek Moyal Post author

      You are absolutely right. Yesterday i discovered this issue while working with my developer. I will check it soon it may an issue of firefox i think.

      1. kirti

        when i clicked on “take screenshot” button it show me error :

        ERROR: Failed to write data to webcamImage/20190306071641.jpg, check permissions.

        1. Vivek Moyal Post author

          This error is regarding the folder permission

      2. Divyang Patel

        This error is caused because the function createObjectURL is deprecated for Google Chrome

        I changed this:


        to this:

        This worked for me.

  7. Amol

    Blocked to protect your privacy

    getting this in Google Chrome Site Settings and its disabled so cannot change it.

    1. Vivek Moyal Post author

      You have to use HTTPS on your website if you want to use the camera

          1. Amol

            Is there any other option rather than using SSL? but chrome is important.

            1. Vivek Moyal Post author

              No any other option and you are right Chrome is important. Why dont you try it free. Many SSL providers are there who provide SSL at free of cost. You can use Its free for lifetime i think.

  8. Niick

    Why is the live video reversed or a mirror image? The captured image is correct.

  9. William

    Hello dear ViVek Moyal,

    First of all i would like to thank you for your tutorial which I have found very helpful. I have managed to create the camera and to save the image to the server. Now i would like to save the file path to DB as well and in order to do this I need to pass the value of the file path to another page.

    Can you please tell me if this is possible and if yes how can i do it ??

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Vivek Moyal Post author

      I have already giving you the path with in the example. You can use the JSON response for getting the path details

  10. Prince Michael


    Please could you rewrite the insert code for update code.

    I want to use your code to update a record after the persons profile has been entered into the database.

    Thank you

    1. Vivek Moyal Post author

      I am not able to understand ” Insert code for update code”. Did you mean updating the record or inserting the record.

      1. Prince Michael

        What I mean is rewriting the code as an update table code instead of Insert table.

        I will send you a mail via your Youtube account so I can explain more OK

        1. Prince Michael

          Please sir check your mailbox. I just responded to your earlier message.

          Thank you

  11. djtale

    Hello and thanks for this script.

    I have this message “Upload failed with status 0”.

    Can you help me to debug this and find out where the issue is ?
    What can I add into the script to debug it ?


  12. Rajesh

    Can you help me out to show my webcam view to other’s.
    I mean in your code the user can see to self but I want where user can view other user and it should be 1 to all kind of thing.
    Any suggestion will be appreciated.

  13. RPSingh


    Thanks for your excellent code, I am trying use this using this in our visitor management system. Here we want to use it remote system . We want person to click his picture on his mobile. It is giving “You have denied camera access” form my IP address however is working good with localhost.

    1. Vivek Moyal Post author

      Your website should use HTTPS otherwise you cannot access it.

  14. David Elyea

    Great Tutorial and youtube videos.
    I seem to have an issue with video image being flipped horizontally. The only fixes I have seen for this are to add items to the CSS file.
    However the saved image is in the correct alignment.
    Have you seen this problem and if so is there a fix?

  15. willings

    thx alot indeed it has worked out for me, so other task how can link this image to patient id of the patient, i need to use it on patient file but i don’t know how to attach to there demographic pages, any help i will be glade

    1. Vivek Moyal Post author

      thank you that you liked my work. In this tutorial i have saved this image to the database and same you can do as you are using the image for the patient

  16. Deon

    Thank you for this great info. Have you every considered to extend this with .pdf capability? So you can use the webcam to take a photo, but convert it to .pdf and save it as a document.

    1. Vivek Moyal Post author

      Thats really a good idea. I will surely implement this.

  17. Rajesh

    Thanks for the tutorial but I am getting error.
    “You have denied camera access.”
    I don’t know why?.

  18. Sabby

    Hi Vivek
    Need one urgent help.
    After deploying your code ,capturing photo through webcam is working fine and appreciated your efforts on this.
    One conflict I faced,after capturing one photo,Webcam console is getting fixed not unable to check Live Cam during further capture.
    Could you please able to help on this.


  19. ss

    thank you for the tutorial. but i have a little nit problem. when i snap the picture, the image name does not have in database.

    1. Vivek Moyal Post author

      Please check that you are connected to the database or not.

    1. Fredrik Brandt

      Hi and thanks for a great feature,
      I wonder however how I can save the image to my own db-table.
      I would like to add the image to my own table but imagelist only contains the image and filename with path saved to disc in a non-usable format.
      I want to get the filename (or picture) into a variable (or screen value) and use this in my instert-routine.
      How is this possible? I tried the underlaying php, without luck.


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