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Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server Settings for Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL

Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, MSN, Live, AOL etc are the main email providers who designed their services to get the email over the web. But everytime being online or opening your mail box is not good enough. To get relief you have many email client applications which maintain continues link from your desktop to your web mail box. Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird etc are email clients which makes your email checking easy and less time consumable process.

You can send or receive the mails from your mail box with the help of these mail clients. You have to just configure your mail box with these clients and all the other work will be handled by these mail clients.

Before starting with these mail clients you need some Mail server settings.

Mail Server Settings

Hotmail Mail Server Settings

Before using Hotmail Services get yourself confirmed that your mail client will work with Hotmail HTTP access.

Choose POP3 Accounts

Hotmail Incoming Server (POP3) – (logon using Secure Password Authentification – SPA, mail server port: 995) Require SSL Authentication.

Hotmail Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) – (TLS enabled, port 587)

Gmail Server Settings

GMail uses POP3 over an SSL connection, so make sure your email client supports encrypted SSL connections.

Google Gmail Incoming Mail Server (POP3) – (SSL enabled, port 995)

Outgoing Mail Server – use the SMTP mail server address provided by your local ISP or (TLS enabled, port 587)

Yahoo Mail Server Settings

Yahoo Incoming Mail Server (POP3) – (SSL enabled, port 465)

Yahoo Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) – (SSL enabled, port 995)

Yahoo Plus Mail Server Settings

Yahoo Plus Incoming Mail Server (POP3) – (SSL enabled, port 995)

Yahoo Plus Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) – (SSL enabled, port 465, use authentication)

MSN Mail Server Settings

The MSN email service allows you to use the MSN POP3 and SMTP servers to access your MSN mailbox.

MSN Incoming Mail Server (POP3) – (port 110, using Secure Password Authentication – SPA)

MSN Outgoing Mail Server – (select “My outgoing server requires authentication”)

AOL Mail Server Settings

The AOL email service is a web based system, designed for managing your AOL mailbox via HTTP IMAP access. Unlike Hotmail, you can use any email client to access your AOL mailbox, as long as it supports the IMAP protocol.

AOL Incoming Mail Server (IMAP) – (port 143)

AOL Outgoing Mail Server – or use your local ISP SMTP mail server Mail Server Settings

The email service allows you to use POP3 and SMTP servers for accessing your mailbox. Mail Incoming Mail Server (POP3) – (port 110)

Outgoing Mail Server – use your local ISP SMTP mail server

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