Increase CTR by Adding Rich Snippets to Your Blog

By | November 16, 2012

Increase CTR by Rich Snippets

Bored of getting a traditional single line text based search result in google. Now its the time to move on and make it attractive for your customers and clients. You can add Stars, Images etc and create it cool looking search result.

There is also a method which will help you to create a sitemap more attractive and it will help you to show your links in bunch.

What is Rich Snippet ?

Rich Snippets are links under your search result. These links are part of your blog or website. Which will tell the user about the page and which pages are look similar to this.

It is totally depends on google that it will create the Rich Snippets or not.

How to Rich Snippet ?

After creating the Rich Snippet you can check it over the Google. Below is the link where you can check

Tool to check Rich Snippet

After creating the Rich Snippet you have to wait for some time its not a single day task to it will take days and weeks.

Rich Snippets Blog Benefits

  • Increase CTR by 30% to 40%
  • Attract users by showing the list of pages of the blog
  • It will decrease the Bounce rate because only those persons will visit who really need your advises.
  • It will show the other pages links which is similar to the keyword.

How to Add Rich Snippet to WordPress Blog

You can use the microformat, macrodata etc for creating the Rich Snippets. But good News we have many plugins for creating the Rich Snippet for your WordPress Blog. Use below plugins

Google Rich Snippets

Author Review

 Rich Contact Widget

Author Sure

Reasons for not getting the Rich Snippet

There are many reasons which will stop your listing from being the Rich Snippet. You can check the list of not getting the Rich snippets over the Google Result.

Check Reasons here

What Matt Cutts Say about Rich Snippet

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