Indian Rupee Photoshop Brush | Indian Rupees Font Download

By | August 18, 2012

Hello here you will find the Indian Rupee Symbol/Brush/Pattern for Photoshop and Rupee Font.

  • Photoshop Brush for Indian Rupee Symbol
  • Pattern for Indian Rupee Symbol
  • Indian Rupee Symbol Custom Shape

Indian Rupees Font Download

From the below download link you can download the Free Rupee Font.

How to install Indian Rupee Photoshop Brush

You can add those Symbol Indian Rupee shape, Indian Rupee Symbol Brush, Indian Rupee Pattern to your photoshop by following these steps.

1. Open your c:/  or your system folder

2. Now in c:/ open program files (program files x86 for windows 7).

3. Now open Adobe now in adobe open folder Photoshop CS3.

4. In Photoshop CS3 open Presets and search for the particular folder like if you want to put brush than open Brushes and paste the brush file. same as with Custom Shapes and Pattern.

who designed Indian rupee symbol

Indian Rupee Symbol was designed by Mr. Udaya Kumar. An IIT Graduate created the Indian rupee logo. which is a blend of tri-color. His design was nominated as the winner among 3000 designs.

Indian Rupee Symbol
Indian Rupee Symbol
Indian Rupee Package.rar
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