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Irctc Pnr Status – Indian railway Pnr Status Enquiry

Irctc Pnr Status

Irctc login was the method for obtaining the username and password for Irctc homepage. Now its the time for checking the Indian Railway Ticket PNR Status. Right now this service is not provided by the Irctc department.

Railway Pnr Status can be checked at Indian Railway official website.

You can check the Pnr status without login or filing the form. You need your PNR no. and just enter the pnr no in the textfield and here we go on next screen you will see the Pnr Status of your ticket.

Click the below link to check the Pnr status

What is PNR ?

Passenger Name Record (PNR) In the travel industry PNR is known for the database of computer reservation system that contains the details of the passenger or group.

PNR was introduced by the airline industry. First time pnr was used by airline companies.

How to obtain PNR ?

Pnr is given when a person done any kind of reservation. Like airline ticket reservation or train ticket booking. Pnr is the only option will show the passenger his details, tour details and group details. Like we talk about the train ticket PNR than you can see your train timing, train destination, departure, train no, train name, seat status etc.

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