Make Website Run Faster
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How to Make Website Run Faster Using Gzip

Make Website Run Faster

Making website which run faster is everyone dreams and everyone want this to do. Earlier we have posted 2 articles regarding the GZIP Compress for PHP and CSS. You can check them here How to compress PHP using GZIP and How compress CSS using GZIP. Today we are putting using the HTACCESS for doing this and after using it your CSS, PHP, Jquery etc.

You have to copy paste some lines to your .htaccess file and here we go we are done. Here is lines which you have to include in your htaccess file or download the file from below.

You can download the file directly just change the extension. Right now its htaccess.txt you have to change it to .htaccess remember htaccess is extension there is no name for the file.

Thank you reading the Make website run faster using htaccess if you found any difficulties please please comment.

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