MRAM – Powerful, Fast, Low Energy Use

By | January 2, 2013

First of all Happy new year to all of you This new year will give you too much happiness and enjoyment in your life.

If i tell you about a RAM that is more powerful than your DRAM, much faster, Ultra fast processing, With low energy consumption. You will surely buy it. So Here is the new and refined model of DRAM is MRAM (Magnetoresistive random-access memory).

Specification of MRAM

  • Small in Size
  • Doubled Memory
  • Ultra Fast Processing
  • Less Energy Use
  • Store your data if there is no Electricity
  • Price will be nearly same as DRAM

Working over the MRAM was too old but now the time has come and may be from this year it will be available to use. I am really waiting for this as it will increase the processing speed and consume less energy. Dates are not yet decided so we have to wait for more.

What you think about it going to use or not?

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