Netflix Binge Watcher take your Experience to Next Level

By | March 16, 2019
Netflix Binge Watching

First of all let me tell you what is Binge Watching. Whenever a person watches for a long span or whole episode in one shot without any stop is called Binge Watching. According to the Netflix its subscribers are increasing day by day and crosses 139 Million in January 2019. Back to back watching of episodes are also increasing day by day. A wide variety of Movies and TV Shows content are available over Netflix some of them are only available at Netflix. In this article i will give you some tips which help’s you to enhance your watching experience.

Either you are a binge watcher or not it will give extra life to your viewing experience.

Oscar Favorite Movies

Search for the academy awards list over the Netflix in Celebrate the Oscar section. You will find the movies which has won the Oscar or Nominated at the Oscar. Details are also provided with the movies which can help you find the movie of your taste.


Giving recommendations will help you to get the best out of Netflix bots. Netflix will understand your taste when you thumbs up any movie or shows. It will prepare the search according to your taste.

Boring Sub Titles

Some people hate the style of default subtitles. For overcome from this problem Netflix provides you a tool to change it to your need. Click on Account > Subtitles Appearance you will find many options to change the styling the of the subtitles.

Stop Post Play

After the credits role Netflix plays the post episode for some seconds. You can stop it as most of the time we do not want this. To deactivate go to Account > My Profile > Playback settings  uncheck the box which says Play automatically next video.

Save Internet Data

Data consumption is very big issue when we watch the video’s online as it takes our whole data in 1 or 2 episodes. For saving your data consumption go to App Settings > Opt for Data saving mode.

Watch Offline

You can also watch offline. For offline viewing you can click over the download icon and click over the Find something to download.

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