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By | December 21, 2012
Md5 hash Password

MD5 Online Generator

MD5 Online Generator is a tool where you can create the Online md5 hash for your text. Write in below textarea than it will popout the result below the text area.

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Why We Need MD5 Hash Password

When we talk about the security of our application than we must use the Md5 hash password at the time of saving the password in our database. Many times you observe that websites will provide you the new password over the previous password when you forgot the password. This is because they have the password as Md5 and they dont know how to read it. So they provide you the new password link.

Main purpose of using Md5 Hash Password is security if you insert a password using the Md5 in the database you will see some random characters not the actual password which you have entered. But if you enter the password and compare it with the database entered value than it will provide the same result which is without the Md5.

By using the Md5 you will hide your password from the world and best thing is you can tell them that i am using this password no-body knows what it is.

If you find any difficulty please comment us we will try to remove the problem and make it bug free.

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Thank You for using it…… Happy Codeing

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