SanDisk 512 GB SD Card
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SanDisk’s 512GB SD Card is The Biggest in the World

SanDisk 512 GB SD Card

Sandisk 512 GB SD Card

SanDisk’s new Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I is the latest and the biggest SD Card in the world. With 512 GB of capacity Sandisk launch its new SD card specially for those who loves to create 4k Movies. According to the company this card is built for the photographer’s and videographer’s who want to shoot some big movies.

As this is card capacity is huge so the price too. Sandisk launched this SD Card at a price of $799. Not at all affordable for normal persons.

Previous biggest card was of 256 GB which was launched by Lexar in 2012. Earlier in February Sandisk launched worlds smallest Card wih 128 GB Space. This microSD Card is just 15mm by 11mm in size. Big thing in small size.

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