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Stop Spam From Adult Site Referrals in Google Analytics

Stop Spam From Adult Site Referrals in Google Analytics

What spam referrals in my site its not possible…. really I have seen many spam keywords and URL’s in the Google Analytics these days. You don’t have to worry they wont hurt your website but it will create issues for you and gives you wrong Analytics. You will get wrong analytics and improper details of your pages. Here is the image which will tell you the truth. URL’s “,” etc….

Spam Words Google Analytics

This website is a blog and it is related to exam results at above image you can see the 3 url’s which i have pointed out. These are the spam url’s which will not effect your website but they will effect your analytics.

Spam Url’s Details

  1. At first URL you will see “bcia.php” which is really a page in your host and you should delete it. If you check this page you will find this is fulfilled with spam mailing and your host provider will suspend your account. So go to your host panel move to file manager delete those file’s and folder’s which are irrelevant.
  2. At Second URL you can see this is a porn URL which came from “youporn” website. If your website is not about pornographic material than you should take care of it. It can effect your referral link’s and you know Google what they can do to your site.
  3. Third one is something which should not be in list as i dont think this URL is related to my content but please do not click or check as we use analytics daily and we know which referrals are good for us and which is not.


How to block Spam referrals in your Analytics account

Not so much material about it right now but you can use Google Analytics Filter to block these. This is easy and quick for you to block. Here is the steps which you can take to block.

Steps to block Spam referrals in Analytics

  1. Select your website account in analytics
  2. Click Admin Tab from Top
  3. Third one is View Under View click on Filters
  4. Now click on New Filter
  5. In Filter name put – Spam Porn Referral
  6. In Filter type use – Custom
  7. Choose Exclude
  8. Under Filter Field choose – Campaign Source
  9. Under Filter Pattern just copy and paste the 10th Point

  11. Leave everything as it is and come to Filter Verification click on Verify Filter than click on Save

If you will do these steps correctly you get rid of unwanted URL’s in your account. If you have any other URL’s than please let us know in comments we will add them and help others also.

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