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How to Create Dynamic PHP Photo Gallery

Creating Dynamic Photo Gallery¬†php using Mysql is an easy task and you don’t need to put too much efforts to make it working. Recently in our previous article How to Create Dynamic Image Slider Using PHP and Bootstrap we have completed a tutorial in which we have used the Uploading of images and showing the […]

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Get Image SRC Value Using Jquery

Many times we need our image URL for performing some actions like zooming, changing or providing effects. In this tutorial we will get the Image SRC value using Jquery. In this tutorial we will divide the code into 2 parts. “HTML and JQUERY”. Index.html <img src=”logo/logo.png” id=”logo”> <input type=”button” id=”bt” name=”bt” value=”Click Me”> <p id=”name” […]

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Add Watermark Image in PHP | Create Watermark in PHP

Add watermark image in PHP its our new tutorial. You can add your watermark image to your image. Now you dont need to open Photoshop and do this. Here is the very simple and short code for adding your image. addWaterMark(“Your path to image”); function addWaterMark($filename){ $logoImage = imagecreatefrompng(‘logo.png’); $logoWidth=imagesx($logoImage); $logoHeight=imagesy($logoImage); $im = imagecreatefromjpeg($filename); $sx […]

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Create Thumbnail Image Dynamically Using PHP

Create Thumbnail PHP Script Hello friends earlier we have created the CAPTCHA code example using PHP today here i am putting the tutorial for Create Thumbnail Image Dynamically Using PHP. creating Thumbnail using PHP is very easy and useful in your many projects or applications. You dont have to worry that how you will create […]