Things to Post When you Are Running Out of Idea. What to Write ?

By | April 10, 2013

Many times we face this situation that we have to write something for our readers but when we sit in front of our laptop or pc than we realize that we dont have anything to write. We are running out of idea. What to write ? Which topic we should choose to write. Writing articles for your readers make them come again and again to your website. Lets discuss how we can deal with it.

News –

It can be local news or global news. Why i am suggesting you the news because many peoples are searching for latest trends and they want themselves to get updated about whats happening in this world. Let your readers get the latest news from you.

Results –

Results are declared every week and many traffic can be generated if we use to provide the information over the results. There are many Schools exams, Colleges exams, Other exams took place and many students are waiting to their results. So you can use it in your blog.

Jobs –

Job portals are there where you can get the latest offerings of the companies. Many times you will get the affiliate links from the portals  they will help you generate more money if they select any person who is going through your links. Jobs are hot trends and always a hot trend due to the demand.

History of your business –

If you have many readers than they also want to know that how you establish such a good website or blog. They all are interested in your specialties your way of working. How you got the idea. How you motivated to start it and other details. It will help you to maintain a good relation with your readers and help you to get better feedbacks about you and your working.

Customer’s Feedback –

This is a common point but very important point it will let you know about what your readers want from you. Writing something related to your customers feedback will help you to write only those things which is going to be like by your readers/customers and they will share it with other’s also. It will increase your traffic too.

Compare –

Still not getting than do one thing check for something which is hot in market and compare it with other things always remember that dont compare wesites which has the same material what you are having because if they won than you will loose your readers.

Surveys, Contests –

If you are selling anything than try to make surveys, contests that will help you to expand your product in the market and you will get the instant feedbacks from your readers / customers. Contests are very good to hear and it will capture your readers interest and it will give your blog/website some boost too.

Interact with readers/customer –

When you dont have anything to write let your customer speak to you. They will help you to overcame from this situation and they will help you to get the new ideas for your writing.

Guest Post –

If you dont have anything than ask others to write something for your blog. Guest post can be done when you dont have any idea. With that guest post the person who is writing the article gets the benefit and you also gets the benefit because you got a post for your readers.

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