Top 8 Android Apps While you are on Journey

By | April 17, 2013

Going for a trip with your family or a business trip use our list of top 8 android apps for getting help to know the place more better and get important information and also passes your time. All the apps are downloadable in Android device.

Indian Rail Train & IRCTC Info

This app will help you to book the ticket online in general and tatkaal. You cna also check the PNR Status in it. You can check the running status and other details of the particular train. Saves your time otherwise you have to be in que for details. Free app.


Download from here


Battery booster

being on journey and found low battery is just like suicide. You cant charge it due to less electricity points than what to do. Here is the app which will stop the consumption of excess battery and start the power management for your smartphone and tablet. It will help you to know that which app is going to consume more battery.

Download from here

Hotels Near Me

As the name suggest it will help you to find out the hotel for you. This app will work with your GPS and provide the result according to that. It will give the list of hotels, rating of hotels, photo of hotels. It also supports the booking facility too.

Download from here

Shop Circle

Shop circle will help you to get the list of stores in the 10 Km area. It will tell you about the latest offers  provided by the local stores. You can compare them and visit them.

Download from here

Coupons App

This app will provide the coupons according to your need for shopping, eating, hotels etc. Why pay more

Download from here

Getit Local Search

The Getit Official Android app is your easy-to-use guide for local information. It provides a simple, convenient and intuitive interface to find nearest restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, ATMs, malls and many more. Download FREE FRESH and HOT deals across 65+ cities in India.

Download from here

AccuWeather App

Best weather report provider.

Download from here

XE Currency Converter

Convert every world currency with the XE Currency App – Free Edition. It offers live proprietary currency rates and charts, and even stores the last updated rates so it works when the Internet doesn’t.

Download from here

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