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Want to Earn Money Online Try These Simple Steps

Earn Money Online

Everything is going too much costlier these days and our earning is still at the same point. Very low, Can count on our fingers. But if i say that you can earn more if you try to convert your free time in something else than will you do it. If your answer is yes and you want to do it than read it further else be happy with your previous earning and leave this moneybag  for others. So lets start that how we can Earn Money Online. Its not Hard but its not easy too it needs your some time from your free time nothing more.

Why online money earning why not out of this techno world ?

We are working in companies, Departments and spend our most of the time at there and found when we come to the home in evening we are not able to do any kind of physical work again. Thats why we are focusing on Online Earning which needs your mind, hands and Eyes thats it !!!.

Step no 1 – Initialization

we start with the blog and set it up with our content which we want to write and share with the general public. Try to think a suitable name for your blog. Blog is new way of sharing your things with public like you. You can setup the blog with Blogger or WordPress. Why only 2 because these are the first and highest used blog platforms. After this we have Hosted blogs. Links for setup the blog.

Hosted Blog Service

Step No 2 – Start It Now

After the setup we are now ready to start our working. I know you are eager to know that how we do it. So Blogging is not only writing it is something more than writing because we write here our views and share it with the public and friends. We write about Technology, Latest News, Gadgets, Tutorials, Recipes etc. Now we have our concept so lets start the writing and make a new post of it. try to write more than 300 words.

Step No 3 – Making it creative and attractive

We write our things and still it look like a bunch of texts. Holly crap no one will read it until they wont get attracted towards it. Lets try to put an image with the content and i thing image is working good. Oh!! Yeah it works now it looks 100 times more better than the previous one. So Using image or cliparts can make your writing more better and more creative. Use appropriate images for making your writing more realistic. It will build trust among your readers. They will believe that you wont put craps you put your content after the research.

Step No 4 – Sharing is Caring

We have done writing the post and its creative and looking good. But who is going to read it and how if we dont have any readers than our efforts will go into bin. I know you have a facebook , twitter , linkedin, Tumbler, Pinterest accounts. Just share your post with these sites and tell your friends about your writing. Due to sharing you will get the visitors for your blog and they will help you in earning too. How ????

Step No 5 – Earn Money

We have blog, we have post we shared it but whats the benefit of it. Lets try to make some money now. We have many options for making money but the best ones are Affiliates and Adsense.  In affiliates we use to put other companies links or images they are. These website are ecommerce and selling their product. If you put the link which they have provided you if any reader is interest in their product and purchase that product than they will give you the commission for this that is the term affiliate. Adsense is a Google service in which google provide you some code which you have to put in your blog or post if someone clicks over it you will get the money directly in your Adsense account after making the minimum payout you are eligible to get the payment as Cheque or Money transfer.

Note – Never say your friends for click on the ads or never try to do it at your own otherwise you will be banned by google for lifetime.

Step No 6 – Making it More Interesting and More Paying

Always remember !!! Content is KING. Whatever you write try to concentrate on your writing so it will be a best article and people love to read it. Make your fan club of readers with content and they will help you to earn. If you have good ranks good readers than you can put the local ads over the website by talking with the companies directly. Putting ad is not free you can charge from others for ads.

Step No 7 – Other Things But Important

Submit your site to Directories.

Ping your sites whenever you post anything.

Use Google Analytics for daily analytics of blog.

Use RSS Feeds.

Write more and more is equal to earn more

Thank you hope to see you again and please write your review about this post.

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  1. Simply superb…..i have blog…but i didnt use it properly any time…
    Here onwards i will use it properly….as per your advice…
    Thanking you for educating the people….

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