Alexa Ranking tips to Increase Rank

By | September 22, 2012

Increase Alexa Ranking

You were blogging from many days but still you dont know about what is your ranking among this internet world than Alexa Ranking will let you know about this. Alexa Ranking depends upon your traffic and hits more the hits better the ranking. Good Alexa ranking means – good traffic, good google page, more business. Alexa Ranking will show the actual ranking of your website depends on your traffic. Alexa will show you the 3months and 1 months and daily basis ranking report. Use the following tips to increase the Alexa Rankings.

  • Having a blog is good but having Just a blog which is similar to your colleague or friends is bad. So if you want to have a better blog than make your blog stand out from your competitors. Always write contents which suits the spider’s of search engine and your followers.
  • Use your keywords in your post whenever the spiders will scroll your content it will help you to get a good indexing over the google for that particular keyword.
  • While writing keep it in your mind that your content will attract the visitors. Also write your content in a unique style so that search engine will read it. If your content is search engine friendly than it will generate the good traffic and it will increase the Alexa Ranking.
  • Always use the search engine friendly content it will increase the Google Ranking and Alexa Ranking.
  • Try to increase the Google Page Rank it will help you to get indexed quickly and at good place in google page.
  • Alexa rank only depends on traffic and your backlinks.
  • Always claim your website or blog over the Alexa.
  • Put Alexa Widget over your blog as alexa only counts the visitors
  • Write about Alexa in your blog and dont forgot to link it at
  • Make reviews over your alexa page

Benefits of having good Alexa Ranking

  • To attract and increase a higher number of quality clients.
  • To attract more advertisers and which will help you to create a profitable advertising income stream from your blog.
  • To be able to charge members a premium membership fee because they will trust over your blog.
  • To better promote your website.
  • To help optimize your site for search engines.
  • To gain insight into the amount of traffic that moves to your site.

For more details you can visit the Alexa Official Website

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