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Jquery Drag and Drop Table Save into Database Using PHP

Jquery Drag and Drop table and save the order into Database using PHP is very simple after reading this tutorial. Our tutorial is all about how we can drag and drop the table rows and save the order into the……


How to Create Dynamic Image Slider Using PHP and Bootstrap

How to create dynamic image slider using php and bootstrap this is the topic of our new tutorial and this tutorial is dedicated to the mails which i have received over my email from long time. I have also created……


MySQL Export Database | Dump Database

Today’s tutorial is about How to Backup Mysql Database Using PHP. Hello friends recently i was working over a website and after finishing the website i gave it to my client and he was working over it. One day suddenly……


Webcam in PHP Using Jquery | Save Webcam Image in Database

Hello friends after seeing many issues and great response at our previous post about How to Use Webcam in PHP. We have changed the code and now we have use the PHP Class for making it more simple to use…….


PHP Create Database and Tables Dynamically Using MySQLi

Sometimes we forgot to create database and run our query than we got an error that is ” No Database with this name”. So I thought to figure it out and solve this issue by creating the database at the……


Retrieve Data from Database in PHP Display in Table Format

Hello friends yesterday i was helping some guy at a website. He want to know that how to Retrieve Data from Database in PHP Display in Table Format. So this tutorial is all about getting the values from database and……