Virus Infected Devices
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Do You Know Your Smart Devices Can Steal Your Information

Virus Infected Devices is one of the main problems which are society facing who are using the smart technologies. Our generation is getting smart day by day same as our Technology. We re now techno savvy and try to use smart devices in every field. Refrigerators, Smart Tv, Smart Speaker’s, Home Automation Solutions etc. We are surrounded by this technology fever and it has its disadvantages too. Now anyone can sneak in your room without your permission also record your audio and video whenever they want. This article is all about how these new devices are stealing your personal information without your permission.

Hackers are active and new hackers are trying their hands on these issues. They also infect your devices with the virus and you will never know about this. So here is the list of such devices which we are using and we are not aware that they can also be infected by the virus.


Computers are the most common devices in which hackers show interests and put some files in your pc. These are known as computer virus. They are basically “Malware” and they are designed to create spy on it. If your computer is malware infected then hackers can handle your computer however they want and whenever they want. They can remove the information or takeout the information for their purpose. School’s, Home Pc’s, Business computer’s are the main target. If you want to survive your want to save from these issues then you should have the antivirus software in your computer and also it should be updated. If you wont update it then your antivirus wont detect the latest Trojan’s, malwares, virus etc. Below is the list of the some good antivirus’s which can help you in this matter.

Smart Phones and Tablets

After the computers smartphones and tablets are most common things which are infected. Apple products are good at security so there are less chances for this virus problems. Tablets and Smart Phones browser’s work same as the computers if you made a mistake or click something which is infected or opens some fishing email then your device will get infected. But now these days our email provides (Gmail, Yahoo etc.) are getting smart they also scan the mail before download anything and wont allow you to open that attachment. You can also use the mobile antivirus’s which can help you to overcame from these kind of situations.

Smart Television can Hear You

Same as our smartphones our Televisions are also getting smart. Android Tv or Smart Tv is the new generation TV which allows you to see the content of internet directly over your Tv. After the Netflix, Youtube Amazon Prime everybody is interested to watch the web series only rather then the traditional daily soaps. Now the problem arise if your Smart TV is having the webcam feature or microphone feature. If you or any child from your home installed a wrong app in your Tv then you allow the 3rd persons to communicate directly with your webcam and microphone.

If you are not using the webcam then you should cover it properly if anyone takes the charge then they will not see anything. You cannot install any anti malware or anti virus over it. But the best part is except the webcam and microphone there is nothing which is valuable over your Tv.

Smart Appliances Can Harm You

Microwave, Fridge, Lights etc smart appliances can also be affected. Btw attacks on these things are very rare but contract malware can effect the handling of the appliances. Hackers can increase the temperature of the appliances can change the lighting conditions of smart lights.

Smart Speakers are Safe but ?

Smart speakers are safe as hacker have to hack the google server or amazon server for the Google Speaker or Amazon Echo. But the main question is your speaker provider listen to your talks. As they say they use this for making the product more better.

Smart Cars – sim Enabled

I am not sure about this but i heard that hackers can hack your sim and control many features of your car. I haven’t heard any incident regarding this but i think it is also possible.

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