Google Hangout – A New Way to Explore Your Life

By | June 20, 2013

You have used many applications for video chatting with your relatives. You have used the Skype, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger etc. But What if a single application let you share your single screen with all of your friends or relatives. And you can chat with everyone at once. Yes thats true and This is what Google’s Hangout is.

Google hangout is quite simple to use as compare to other applications. Google hangout is available for Iphone, Android, PC. Hangout is not new rightnow but still many persons are not aware of it and its features.

10 Persons can Chat at Once

Through hangout you can chat with 10 persons at once. Yes video chat, it supports the 10 person video chat at a time. You can invite 9 persons for a group chat. At Skype if we want to add 3rd person than we have to make payment for it or we have to purchase the skype premium account.

Better Interface

Very attractive interface with better emoticons and good fun features. Friends will receive your video call invitations no matter what device they’re using at the moment. If they’re not at their computer, their phone will ring so it’s easy for them to join. You can even add more people to ongoing video calls right from a mobile device.

Many Apps at one Place

You can share your group conversation directly to the Youtube and make it available to general public or for your memories. You can use the Google docs here with your colleagues and other professionals.

Hangout On-Air 

This is the best facility provided by Hangout. You can broadcast anything live from your laptop or pc to the world. Hangout will automatically broadcast your live video over your Google+ account and Youtube account. But you cannot make a private video you have to go Public only.

One Google Account

What you need is just a Google account or we can say a Gmail account. It will allow you to get the access at Youtube, Google+, Hangouts etc.

So lets gets started and explore your new world with it

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  1. Belinda O. Mcclure

    To get started with Google Hangout, users need to install the Google Voice and Video plugin . This lets you use video in Hangouts, Gmail, iGoogle, and Orkut (another social network owned by Google). The plugin takes around 30 seconds to install. After that, you’re all set to start using Google’s newest video chat service.Each hangouts session can hold up to 10 people using video. When creating a hangout, you can choose which group of contacts, or circles, you want to invite to your video chat. A post will then appear on all relevant streams letting people know that a hangout is happening and it will list all the people currently participating.


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