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Whatsapp Update Issue on 13th January 2018 – Solved

Today when i see my cellphone and open the whatsapp it show’s me that my app is outdated and i have to update it. I searched and i saw that many people are facing this Whatsapp Update issue on 13th January 2018. So i click on download and i found that nothing is working as Google App Store is showing that my app is already updated to the latest version. I dig some reviews but nothing helps me but at last i cracked it out. Follow these steps to make your whatsapp working.

Open browser (Chrome, firefox etc.) over your cellphone.

Write “” if you are android user.

Click on the download button you will see that there will be some notification over your cell phone which says that it can harm your device. Just click “ok” and continue the process as we are downloading it from the official whatsapp website.

Some device will take you to the settings for allowing the 3rd party apps so just allow it and install it. Tada you will see that your whatsapp will work perfectly.

This trick works because the official website is having the latest version of the whatsapp but Play Store is not having the latest version.

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