Increase Alexa Ranking
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Increase Alexa Rank Quickly through Alexa Tools

Increase Alexa Rank

Everyone is very crazy to know about the ranking of the website or blog. Many times Webmasters are also using this for SEO. Checking the Alexa ranking is very easy. You can check it by visiting the Alexa website.

However Increasing the Alexa Ranking is not easy task it will depends on your Traffic. But still there are many things you can use to increase the Alexa Rankings but it will not the actual ranking of the website because its a kind of Hacking the Alexa.

Increase Alexa Ranking

Use Alexa Toolbar

By using the Alexa Toolbar you can check the actual ranking on when you open the website. You can download the Alexa Toolbar for Chrome from the link. Toolbar will track the status of the Website and show it to the user.

Good Content – Great Content – Effective Content

Writing the good contents is the key for the Blog but it is not the end. Creating the relationship with the Blog is the main part because making good relation with the user is will make your blog an effective blog. Write contents for your users what they like and attract them.

Be Consistent while Writing

Writing the Blog post is the part of the blog but consistent writing is the main part of the Blog. When you want to be a successful blogger than you have to write the posts time to time or 7 – 8 posts in a week. It will help your blog to attract the users and help them to find the articles about their queries

Use Alexa Widget

Use the Alexa Widget to get the realtime status of the blog. It will track your daily traffic and show the status. For getting the Widget you need to register yourself over the Alexa and paste the code here. But remember !!! Traffic is the key of Alexa Ranking.

Promote your Website

Promoting your website will increase the traffic and key of increasing in Alexa ranking is traffic increase. If your traffic is increasing than your Alexa Rank will increase automatically.

Build Links

Link building will increase your blog links to other blogs and it will increase the existence of your blog. Many links will redirect to your article and through this you will get good traffic.

Guest Post

Writing Guest post is good for your link building or promoting yourself. Guest post will let you post contents over other websites it will also help them to make a good traffic but also it will help to make your fame by the way of user liking. Good Guest post will depend on your writing Skills. Good content will increase the traffic and Increase Alexa Rank

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