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Webcam in PHP Using Jquery | Save Webcam Image in Database

Hello friends after seeing many issues and great response at our previous post about How to Use Webcam in PHP. We have changed the code and now we have use the PHP Class for making it more simple to use…….


Cordova Project Creation and Building Commands Using Node JS CLI

Cordova helps us to make the mobile development more user friendly and easy. Due to the demand of mobile applications we saw that most of the companies are having their own Mobile Application weather its useful or not. Cordova helps……


Get Image SRC Value Using Jquery

Many times we need our image URL for performing some actions like zooming, changing or providing effects. In this tutorial we will get the Image SRC value using Jquery. In this tutorial we will divide the code into 2 parts…….


Autocomplete textbox using jQuery, PHP and MySQL

Autocomplete is a very useful project for user’s. It gives a list of things what you are searching according to your entered text. It saves time and offer’s a list of products and services with same names. It will give……


Create JSON From PHP Array Using Mysql and Post Values in Form

Hello today we will create the JSON from php Array. As now these days we are using jquery and ajax too much and we need it very often. You can read the whole json encoding at php official website. As……


Move Div Up and Down Using Jquery

Move Div Up and Down Using Jquery Many times we have seen that we have product list over our application/website and every time for selection new option we have to scroll to our navigation list which is at the top……


Convert Comma Delimited String to Javascript Array

One of my reader asked me that many times we need to convert delimited string to Java-script array or vice versa. Delimiter can be comma, pipe etc so how we can do it and use it in a simple way…….


Highlight Current Page Navigation Using Jquery

Yesterday i was working over my project and after making navigation and put this navigation in a file and using with the help of Include. I came to know that my navigation is not getting highlighted when i open the……


Jquery Back Button – Take You To The Previous Page

Jquery Back Button Jquery back button will work same as the browser back button. It will take you to the last web page. I know we have button for it but we can give it a try and see how……


Jquery Selector – For Selecting Elements,ID,Class

Jquery Selector Using Jquery is making your web page more flexible and more working. Using Javascript was bit old and now we have Jquery which is based on Javascript and creates the DOM with less code. So here we will……


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