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What is Bulk SMS ? Why We use It ? Is it profitable

Hello friends today i am not going to write a tutorial in which i am just explaining some issues which my users are facing while Dealing with the Bulk SMS. So i am writing an article about these questions. I am using the Bulk SMS of Simply IT solutions Pvt Ltd. They are good at service and providing quality SMS.

  1. What is Bulk SMS ?
  2. Type of Bulk SMS?
  3. Can we send SMS in Regional Languages.
  4. Why do we use Bulk SMS ?
  5. How can we use Bulk SMS?
  6. How can we use Bulk SMS in Programming language
  7. Is Bulk SMS Profitable from sales point of view.

So lets start from the first and solve all the questions step by step.

What is Bulk SMS ?

Bulk sms means , sending sms in bulk or we can say sending hundred’s or thousand’s SMS at one shot. It is a medium to send multiple sms in one click. Now a days bulk sms has become a very important and useful part of marketing.

Now a days every second website is using bulk sms  for authorizing the users or sending the information to the users.

Even Google is also using it when you forget your password and you want to restore it than Google sends you a random digit SMS to authorize, which is called OTP (What is OTP ? – One Time Password).

All E-Commerce websites are also using Bulk Sms, at the time of order giving, dispatching, delivery and many more. Most of the E-commerce websites like Amazon etc. use it for payment receipt, product tracking, offers etc.

Types of Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS in India, are of 2 Types.

  1. Promotional Bulk sms
  2. Transactional Bulk sms

Promotional Bulk Sms are used to promote your product, Sale, discount, big promotional campaigns, election campaigns etc. These sms can be delivered to non DND (Do Not Disturb) no. only, and you can send promotional bulk sms from 9 am to 9 pm only, after 9 pm TRAI (Telecom regulatory authority of India) does not allow to send Promotional Bulk sms on any mobile no.

Transactional Bulk sms are used to provide information to your own clients. These bulk sms are best in quality and can be delivered to any mobile no., wheter it’s a DND no. or Non dnd no., apart from that there is no any restriction of time, you can send sms 24 hours a day. You can use it for sending the Information like –

  • Schools are using it for providing student’s daily attendance, Home-works and other information.
  • Religious societies are circulating bulk sms to provide information about coming events and spiritual teaching.
  • Web designers are connecting it with numerous applications to provide automated information.
  • Many big companies are using it for giving the information of the daily works to the employees.

Can we send Bulk SMS in Regional Languages

Yes!! we can send bulk sms in Regional Languages like. You can send bulk sms in Hindi, Bulk sms in Telugu, Bulk SMS in Marathi, Bulk Sms in Punjabi, Bulk SMS in Gujarati, Bulk sms in Tamil, Bulk SMS in Bangali etc. You can send sms in Urdu also.

Why we use Bulk SMS

Its fast. Its sure, it will reach to the destination. No harm to nature. Cost effective. Very cheap then pamphlets. So its really a good product now a days, if you want to purchase bulk sms in India, there are many people providing this service. I am using Bulk sms services for my application. I am using the service of Simply IT Solutions Pvt Ltd.

How we can use Bulk SMS

Bulk sms can be used in by many ways. Providers who provide Bulk SMS Service in India provide the Web Panel, Excel Plugin and API. Using these services are so easy and user friendly.

For the web panel only Username and Password will be provided to the user and it will work with the specified URL. Excel plugin is used for personalized sms using the Microsoft Excel For sending the SMS. These plugins are useful for Schools, Institutes etc for sending the subject wise results on the mobiles.

How we can use Bulk SMS in Programming language

For using the Bulk SMS in Programming Language API provided by the SMS Providers. Which will help you to send the Bulk SMS using the programming language. For more detailed and better use of API read my article for sending the Bulk SMS using API.

Is Bulk SMS Profitable from sales point of view

Yes off-course, Its fast,  Instant Delivery, Notification to the User, Cost effective, very cheap then pamphlets. It will cost around 11 Paisa 1 SMS. Where as other promotional activities are too much costly than bulk sms.

Hope you like my article about Bulk SMS. If you still have any issues than please let me know i will surely update it with the more suggestions.

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    1. SMS are used for showcasing the service or any product. If yo want to reach your customer with new article notification you can use it.

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